Your solution: MX3

Test and track hydration, anytime or anywhere

Perform better and safer at work

A quick hydration test anywhere or anytime. Test and improve fluid intake. Hydrated employees feel better.

At last it is possible to test and track hydration accurately, for everyone.

Dehydration is disastrous for employee safety and productivity. For example, dehydration slows reaction time as much as alcohol.  It used to be impractical and also expensive to check whether employees drink enough water. Today, the MX3 testing system lets you get started with a pocket-sized minilab, individual test strips and a smart app that shows results instantly. Get a handle on one of the core conditions for working safely and alertly: good hydration status.

Who needs hydration monitoring?

Research shows that only a minority of staff, in a variety of work environments, are optimally hydrated. In other words; most people at work drink too little, or drink the wrong fluids. Hydration is crucial, to prevent workplace accidents, but just as much for performance. All employees and managers should take hydration seriously. From now on, you can perfectly put your money where your mouth is, with MX3's test device and accompanying app. Quick and easy to use. Usable anytime, anywhere.
Why follow hydration?

A dehydrated employee cannot perform optimally. Dehydration leads to measurable decline in mental and physical abilities as early as 2 percent loss of body mass. It also varies from person to person. Some employees dehydrate faster than others, even if they drink and work the same way. This is why it is so important to test hydration, and not just in people doing heavy work or working in the heat. All employees can become dehydrated.

MX3 makes a difference based on science

The MX3 team includes medics, product engineers former elite athletes and occupational health specialists. They translate hard scientific research into practical solutions for people’s well-being, safety and performance capacity in a wide variety of work environments.

The accuracy of an entire laboratory, but pocket-sized

Testing an employee’s hydration with the MX3 system is quick and easy, but just as reliable as laboratory reference equipment. A few taps on the tongue with the test strip is all it takes. Within 20 seconds, the saliva sample is collected and analyzed, and you know if an employee is drinking enough to get to work safely and fit. Or to stay at work. You test as many people as you want, anywhere, anytime, with a wireless device that fits in your inside pocket. The accompanying app in your smartphone keeps track of all the results in handy graphs.

African American workers are exhausted from hard work. A container yard worker wearing a red reflective vest and hard hat is standing to wipe away sweat due to the hot weather.

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