Prevent your staff from becoming dehydrated

Hydration measurement in the palm of your hand

MX3 System


MX3 Lab

Dehydration lowers the alertness of your workforce and the productivity of your business. With the MX 3 LAB, you can test what and how much employees need to drink to replace the water and electrolytes they lose on the job.

Simply insert a test strip into the MX3 LAB and tap a few times into the saliva on the test subject’s tongue. Within seconds, the hydration status appears in an app on your smartphone. It’s fast, easy and just as reliable as an expensive lab test. In the app, you easily keep track of hydration results for all staff members.


This simple saliva test identifies any body water deficiency.


Using the same MX3 device (but a different strip), you can test how much sodium a person’s sweat contains and whether electrolytes need to be replenished.

Accompanying the MX3 LAB is the

MX3 App

Track and analyze on your smartphone

The MX3 app allows you to track all measurements and follow the evolution of results in handy graphs. The app also provides tips on which liquid (water or sports drink) and how much employees should drink to stay “with it.”

Manage all measurements

MX3 Portal

Centralized database

On a computer screen, you can manage all the test results of people in your organization even more clearly than with a smartphone. Through the central database, you can also easily organize data and create reports.

MX3 Hydration Testing System

Start immediately

Contains everything you need to get started right away

The MX3 hydration testing system includes everything you need to instantly and accurately determine hydration levels. You pay nothing extra for the app and portal.

* Note: the sturdy protective pouch is sold separately


for health and productivity

Testing and analysis

Test hydration quickly, anytime, anywhere.

MX3 is a gamechanger

Scientific research shows conclusively that dehydration is disastrous for concentration, safety and productivity. Did you know that dehydration slows reaction time as much as alcohol? But hydration of workers testing used to be virtually impossible. You needed blood or urine and time-consuming laboratory procedures. Today, thanks to the MX3 testing system, you can get started with a pocket-sized lab, hygienic individual test strips and a smart app. Nothing more prevents you from getting a grip on one of the most important conditions an employee must meet to work alertly: a good hydration status

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