The MX3 Solution

Test and track hydration anytime, anywhere

Changing how you measure health and performance

Quickly measure hydration—anytime, anywhere. Track and adjust fluid intake as-needed. Then perform optimally.

For the first time, truly accurate hydration testing and tracking is now possible for everyone.
MX3’s disruptive technology utilizes a handheld portable LAB, test strips, and an intelligent app to seamlessly measure, track, and evaluate hydration status. This technology allows a user to dig deeper into a key component of an athlete’s physiological needs by recording and monitoring hydration status of teams, individual athletes and anyone undergoing physical tasks where performance matters.
For the first time, truly accurate hydration testing and tracking is now possible for everyone.​

Who needs to Track Hydration?

All ambitious athletes and anyone who oversees the health and performance of others should be concerned about hydration levels. Team managers, coaches, trainers, medical staff, nurses and more can benefit from MX3’s portable, non-invasive lab paired with the easy-to-use app. This simple device can provide the information needed to not only prevent dehydration and injury, but also to improve performance.
Why Track Hydration?
Optimal hydration is essential to performance. As little as 2% body mass loss can lead to significant physiological and cognitive deficiencies that negatively affect performance. People lose water at different rates every day based on activity, temperature and many other factors. The amount of fluids that fully hydrate an athlete one day may dramatically change the next. That’s why regular hydration tracking is imperative to ensuring the body is always prepared to perform at its best.
MX3 Diagnostics: Improving Medicine, Science and Sport.
The MX3 team includes medical professionals, product engineers, researchers, and former professional athletes. Our relevant expertise spans biochemistry, biomedical, microfluidics, nano engineering, electrochemistry, and artificial intelligence. Our combined experience enables us to design products that are revolutionizing health metrics and performance.
Lab Results in the Palm of your hand
In a matter of seconds, MX3’s disruptive technology gives a user, lab quality hydration results. Before MX3, hydration monitoring required invasive practices utilizing blood or urine collection followed by messy and time-consuming analysis. Wearable sweat technologies are still unproven, but more importantly, restricted to collection only when an athlete is actively sweating. Professionals believe understanding your hydration well before you sweat, allows an athlete enough time to take the necessary steps to improve hydration and performance. MX3 is the only technology in the world that can accurately measure and monitor hydration status, anytime anywhere. With MX3’s Hydration Testing Systems, users can finally implement easy, accurate, non-invasive hydration monitoring to maximize performance and recovery.

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