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The MX3 Hydration Testing System uses a single device to run two different tests in real-time that tell you how much fluid to drink and what kind of fluid will best replace the electrolytes you lose during exercise.
The MX3 Hydration Testing System can measure hydration status in seconds with only a small saliva sample from the tip of the tongue. Designed initially for elite athletes and sports teams, the handheld lab, test strips and intelligent App work together, allowing users the ability to assess and track hydration status quickly, accurately, and easily for the first time ever.
A simple saliva test shows your fluid deficit to test and track hydration levels.
A sweat sodium test shows sodium lost during exercise for optimal electrolyte replacement.
Get a more complete picture of electrolyte levels.
Diet & Nutrition
Track the health markers that will help you maximize your diet and nutrition.
Energy & Endurance
Measure your body’s energy production to optimize your training, health and recovery.
Sleep & Stress
Measure hormone levels and other markers that affect rest and recovery.
Companion to the standalone MX3

MX3 App

Track and Analyze

The MX3 App, available on iOS and Android, tracks and analyzes hydration measurements. The App displays customized information for supervisors, trainers or individuals, showing the most important information for each level of user.
Manage organization

MX3 Portal

Centralized database

The MX3 Portal is a centralized database of all hydration measurements collected by an organization. The portal can be used to add and manage users, analyze measurement data and generate reports.
mx3 pro
MX3 Hydration Testing System

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Contains everything to start

The MX3 Hydration Testing System contains all the components needed to accurately test and track hydration levels. Each component works together and syncs to the app to capture hydration status in real time.

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Changing how you measure health and performance
Test and track

Quickly measure hydration anytime, anywhere.

Changing how you measure health and performance
MX3’s disruptive technology utilizes a handheld portable LAB, test strips, and an intelligent app to seamlessly measure, track, and evaluate hydration status. This technology allows a user to dig deeper into a key component of an athlete’s physiological needs by recording and monitoring hydration status of teams, individual athletes and anyone undergoing physical tasks where performance matters.

For the first time, truly accurate hydration testing and tracking is now possible for everyone.

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